CentrED stands for Centralized Editing. It is a Client/Server based map editor for Ultima™ Online.
The intention behind this is, that the only available GodClient is rather old and was never really supported by any server emulator (at least not that I know), but I wanted the ability for several people to work on the terrain and statics together, without having to constantly transfer their current state.


  • Complete serverside map. All blocks are transfered on request.
  • Modify Terrain
  • Add, delete, move and hue Statics
  • Change the altitude of Terrain and Statics
  • Account management with four accesslevels (None, Viewer, Normal and Administrator)
  • Restrict clients write access to specified regions (some sort of group management)
  • Integrated Chat
  • Client list with ability to jump to other clients position
  • Virtual Layer to ease working on roofs or in black areas
  • Large scale editing (move/copy, delete, draw, insert whole areas of the map)
  • Easily jump to locations stored in a list or via the radar view of the whole map
  • Ability to undo the last set of changes
  • Preview changes before actually performing them
  • Renders the map similar to the UO Client
  • Shows animated tiles
  • Show different light level and display light sources
  • Support as many different Statics as the TileData file can hold
  • Server and Client for 32bit Windows and Linux





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